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The average supermarket carries over 2,000 products, whose proper pricing, adequate stocking and provision of timely discounts are crucial to the survival of the enterprise. Managing the relationship between products and consumers is a pain-staking task and a constant game of cat-and-mouse with other retailers. To cut a long story short…

Retail is Hard !!!

Let Priceskout Help...

Our data analytics platform focuses on price and unit sales, allowing retailers, distributors, and brands to monitor product performance and confidently make informed decisions that impact consumer behaviour.

OUR Advantage

The team behind PriceSkout has over a decade worth of marketing and data analytics experience and has specifically created this platform to address the information gap that exists between retailers, distributors, brands and the market to provide the insight needed to make informed pricing and stocking decisions.


Price analytics

We offer price analytics for products offering perspectives from an islandwide, parish-wide and community level.

SELL-Through Analytics

We provide in-depth analytics on the impact of price on sell-through levels across several geographic ranges.

relationship analytics

Our proprietary PriceSkout algorithm along with our team of specially trained data scientists unearth product trends and relationships that can be leveraged to increase product performance in-store.

our packages

Bronze package


  • Price Analytics

silver package


  • Price Analytics
  • Sell-through Analytics

gold package


  • Price Analytics
  • Sell-through Analytics
  • Product Insight

your privacy is maintained!

Your business is your business!!! No data on individual locations are shared. All data used by Price Skout is either anonymized or aggregated, to avoid the targetting of a location’s prices. This ensures that even though your data is shared, no identifiable characteristics is included.

our Director’s vision

“As a professional in the field of marketing and sales for over a decade, I’ve seen firsthand the impact ill-informed pricing decisions can have on a retailer’s bottom line. This led me to conceptualize PriceSkout to squarely address the identified knowledge gaps, empowering retailers to make confident, data-driven decisions.”

– Rojah thomas

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